See No Evil/Hear No Evil eggheads by artist Robert Arneson

During the 38 hours of the UCCSC 2018 Quest, you will compete with other attendees for fame, fortune, and prizes! 

Challenges include social/networking activities, exploration challenges, and activity challenges. Challenges will be listed on Monday, August 13, and submissions will be available at the start of the conference during the Monday night welcome dinner at the Good Life Garden. Each challenge has a predetermined score according to listed difficulty.

Unless otherwise stated, photos, selfies for completed challenges are preferred. Submissions will close at 8 a.m. on Wednesday morning, and winners will be chosen and announced during the Dessert & Door Prizes event on Wednesday.

Should you have any problems with submission or any other questions, contact uccsc-quest@ucdavis.edu.

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ID Challenge Difficulty
1 Take a picture of a turkey. A live one.. (no need for selfie) hard
2 Take a photo of yourself with someone wearing a UCD shirt. medium
3 Egghead - See No Evil/Hear No Evil easy
4 Egghead - Eye on Mrak medium
5 Egghead - Bookhead easy
6 Egghead - Yin & Yang medium
7 Egghead - Stargazer hard
8 Main Arboretum Gazebo medium
9 Selfie at morning activity (yoga/run/walk) medium
10 Persuade a stranger to let you pose on their bicycle medium
12 Picture/selfie with a UCCSC committee member easy
14 Photo of a Davis historic landmark easy
15 Picture of a “Made in Davis” product (Check out the UC Davis Store at the MU or in Downtown Davis) hard
16 Photo of someone wearing a kilt: bonus if it is a selfie! hard
17 Photo of a Duck easy
18 Photo of a squirrel eating. medium
19 Photo of a non-traditional bicycle: unicycle, recumbent, etc. medium
20 Picture/Selfie at a Keynote speech easy
22 Picture with a double decker easy
24 Picture with Gunrock easy
25 Selfie with a CIO/CISO/VIP hard
26 #UCDavisRocks rock medium
27 Picture of one of our water towers easy
28 Picture of our cows medium
30 Selfie on our hammocks at the Quad easy
31 Picture of North or South Halls easy
32 Picture of the Wyatt Pavilion ( the Oldest building on campus) medium
33 Selfie within the Death Star (Social Sciences and Humanities building).  Just be sure to find your way back. medium
34 Find Gunrock – Our beloved mascot Gunrock will be strategically hidden at one of the locations above. Find him, take a picture and return him to his “hiding” place for others to find.  hard

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