UCCSC 2018 Theme and Logo

2018 theme

The theme “Sustainable Technology” has these ideas in mind:

  • Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the future
  • Choosing technological solutions that have longevity in quickly changing environments
  • Choosing technological solutions that increase efficiencies and don't create waste
  • Minimizing duplication while maximizing our precious resources and collective brain power

2018 logo

The UCCSC logo has these ideas in mind:

The gears symbolize:
  • Moving innovation forward
  • A foundation in the inventiveness of the industrial revolution
  • Interconnectedness
The new growth of leaves symbolizes:
  • New ideas sprouting from innovative thinking and collaborative work and learning.
The inversion of color symbolizes:
  • An interplay between technology and the environment, tying into the overarching idea of innovations in sustainability.


A big thank you to Eri Furukawa at the UC Davis School of Law for the excellent logo design!