Zooming to the Future: Video Conference Technology in Resident Education

Martin Rawlings-Fein

At UCSF we are and have remained one of the highest ranked clinical training programs in diagnostic radiology for the past four years. The secret to our success is in our educational innovation and our video conferencing on our large spread-out urban campus. As a university, we deliver educational content through Zoom, a simple, all-in-one solution that allows residents to meet across laptops, mobile devices, and in Cisco enabled conference rooms. We also host a website that houses educational content, subspecialty quizzes, video recordings of our Zoomed lectures, which are all accessible online for our residents to review and study. From Poll Everywhere and Nearpod to RSNA’s Diagnosis Live, the field of EdTech is always changing and growing along with our programs. In this session, our team of EdTech professionals will serve up fresh ideas on how to engage students and ways to make content delivery strategies exciting and interactive for everyone.

Previous Knowledge

Bring an open mind and be ready to Zoom to the future.

Software Installation Expectation

They will not be using their laptops or iOS devices for this presentation.