Update - most of the comped registrations claimed

UCCSC registration opened for everyone on Friday, May 25. The comped registrations offered by UC IT were snapped up quickly by First-Time UCCSC attendees, and to a lesser degree by Library and Research IT staff. The comped offer for First-Time attendees is now closed. A few spots are open for Library and Research IT staff.

Conference registration fee is $175

Conference Registration

  • Conference registration fees are $175 (one session presenter per session is comped)
  • Registration opens for session presenters in one week - on May 18th
  • Registration opens for everyone on May 25

UC IT Comped Attendees

UCOP has generously offered to comp attendees that fit into the following categories. These will be listed on the registration form. Please note that up to 100 attendees in these categories will be comped but it is first-come, first-served.